Drawing Adventures of a Little Crayon

Text & illustrations by Daria Grinevskaya

Drawing is such a fascinating activity. Almost all children enjoy it (and some adults, too). This new series invites children to join an ancient drawing art school. The further, the more difficult tasks are awaiting little “padawans”.

In a far-off graphite land, there lives a Pencil who dreams of becoming a drawing master. He practices and practices but still the Pencil is not as skillful as the admirable Master. It’s the great Sky-high School where the Master teaches. That’s where the Pencil should go
to study! Wow, the Pencil is allowed to come! He just needs to reach this school… On his way, he is faced with many tasks and examinations. Does he deserve to become an apprentice of the Master? Let’s find out!

  • Drawing is compared to studying in an ancient martial arts school.
  • Funny characters – Pencil the Apprentice and the Master – will lead a child through engaging tasks to help them to acquire basic drawing skills, while its comics part will be a great start for independent reading.
  • An enjoyable fantastic world.
  • Engaging drawing tasks to gradually develop skills and boost confidence.
  • It will suit both those who love drawing and those who are uncertain about mastering a pencil or showing creativity.

Activity, Comics
Age: 6+
Pages: 60
Size: 210*297 mm
Published by Samokat in 2022
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