The Ten Moons

Text by Vitaly Terletsky, illustrated by Natsuki

This is a story of a girl “who didn’t like crossing the road more than anything else”. It’s a philosophical fantasy about magical worlds written by a Russian author inspired by the intriguing artwork of a Japanese illustrator.

This fairy tale starts with a very simple and usual task: a mother asks her daughter to buy some onions at a grocery store across the road. However, there is a problem: the Girl is afraid of crossing roads –she believes that a road can turn into a swift river, and she can’t swim! When the Girl is standing in front of the road, trembling with fear, a talking cat appears and offers her his magical help. She accepts the stranger’s invitation but instead of just crossing the road, they go off on a journey. They will visit worlds – wonderful and creepy, full of beauty and ghosts, surprises and transformations – where ten different moons shine. Will everything be what it seems to be? Is the cat just a cat?

2016 Illustrations for The Ten Moons were selected for the illustrators' Exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair

  • For those who love fairy tales, fantasies, magical worlds, and cats.
  • Blend of mystery and a slightly spooky story which children like so much.
  • This tale of overcoming one’s fears could help conquer some fears your child might have.
  • Gorgeous illustrations.

Early reader book
Age: 6+
Pages: 80
Size: 150*240 mm
Published in 2018 by Polyandria Print
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