Operas and Ghosts: Scary Stories in Words and Pictures

Text by Lyalya Kandaurova, illustrated by Lyalya Bulanova

Is opera boring? What if you add tales of terror to it?
This illustrated crossover non-fiction book helps you to discover the beauty of this performing art based on the examples of ten operas that are full of scary mysteries.

This book features ten 20th century operas based on both classical stories and original topics of the new era selected by Lyalya Kandaurova, musician and journalist, to invite readers to discover the fascinating world of opera. We learn the plot, story of creation, biography of the composer, and interesting facts about each opera. In addition to this, there is something scary in each opera: ghosts and severed heads, madness and crime, deals with the devil, and spooky mysteries. We follow the tragedies of the characters as well as the challenges and questions raised by the 20th century.

The illustrations bring you to the stage, while the texts describing the music and composers’ solutions leave readers with no choice but to turn on the extracts online and maybe go to the opera one day.

  • This book is for music lovers and for those who are curious about opera but don’t know where to start.
  • This book is also for all inquisitive people because it is full of interesting facts from different fields, not to mention all the scary stories. 
  • These texts describe webs of music, sounds, and voices as being part of a special piece of art.
  • Lyalya Kandaurova is an awardee of the Enlightener Prize for Russian-language non-fiction literature.
  • The 20th century brings these operas and their topics quite close to today’s readers and listeners.

Age: 10+
Pages: 72
Size: 206*257 mm
Published by Aplina Kids in 2024
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