Dream Devourer. Comics about Japanese art

Text by Daria Agapova, illustrated by Varvara Pomidor

The comic book series A Journey Through the Museum inspires readers to get curious about the power of art and about a museum as a living organism and not something archaic and out of date. Art is in our everyday life actually, you’ll see it.

Tasya and Vanya like visiting the Hermitage Museum together now. A sad thing is that Tasya is suffering from nightmares and neither her parents nor doctors seem to be able to help her. Vanya has his own theory about the nightmares and strange monsters
that are tormenting sleepy Tasya. The children find themselves in the Japanese hall where Hotei, the god of contentment and happiness, invites them to the intriguing and fantastic world of Japanese mythology.

  • Set in one of the main Russian museums, this is a unique, magical realism comic book series about world art, art history, and the power of art.
  • Atmospheric and original illustrations by amazing Varvara Pomidor.
  • Mysteries and puzzles are hidden on the pages of the books.
  • Simple yet educational dialogues for beginning readers.
  • There are creative tasks at the end of each book.

Comics, series
Age: 8+
Pages: 40
Size: 210*280 mm
Published in 2021 by Arca Publishers

The first title in this series is QUEEN OF THE TULIPS. COMICS ABOUT REMBRANDT
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