A Carpet from Uzbekistan

Text & Illustrations by Alina Umirova

An uplifting autobiographical comic about finding home in a new place.

Moving to another country is always quite a challenge. Especially for children. A new language, a new school, new everything. It’s all too easy to feel paralysed with fear and vulnerability. In this book, the author shares her own fears and what helped her overcome them. The comic follows a schoolgirl Alina whose family relocates from sunny Uzbekistan to a new country. Alina is scared of losing touch with her family, friends, nature, and previous ways of life. But her mother comes to the aid. Her heart-warming recollections of
Tashkent markets, camping in the mountains, picking mushrooms with Grandad help Alina adapt to her new life, while readers will discover the rich traditions and culture of Uzbekistan.

  • Based on the author’s own childhood experience.
  • Offers practical advice how to keep in contact with family and friends over distances.
  • Striking illustrations incorporating Uzbekistan’s traditional patterns and ornaments.
  • Includes a recipe for plov, the key dish of the Uzbek cuisine.

Graphic novel, narrative non-fiction
Age: 6+
Pages: 56
Size: 210*260 mm
Published by Samokat in 2024.
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