Why Are You All Gathered Here?

Text by Olga Nikolaenko, illustrated by Vlada Myakonkina

Who are they? What do they need? And, more importantly, why are they all gathered here? This illustrated guide to the history of peaceful protests will help young readers to be knowledgeable participants in the democratic process.

Discussions about democracy, civic responsibility, and human rights can be confusing and tricky for children ( and even for adults!) at the best of times. To help explore these difficult concepts, this book uses the example of an imaginary school class. Together with the imaginary students, readers will learn why people voted in Ancient Athens, how the Irish invented the boycott, what an Italian strike is, and much more. Without necessarily summoning young people onto the streets, this book shows why the right of peaceful assembly is so important and worth protecting.

  • A new title in the popular non-fiction series ‘It Concerns Me’.
  • Prompts discussion and exploration of one’s own role in fostering an equitable world.
  • Fun and engaging illustrations by Vlada Myakonkina make the presented information more accessible.
  • Each chapter ends with a creative and thought-provoking activity task.
  • A perfect addition to the school curricula.
  • A must for every home and library.

Non-fiction, series
Age: 10+
Pages: 112
Size: 210*150 mm
Published in 2023 by Samokat

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