Cardboard Heart Cutout

Text by Eugen Kluev, illustrated by Marina Pavlikovskaya

This is a collection of modern fairy tales – wise, funny, philosophic – in the best traditions of the genre by a reputable master of the absurd. Everyday items will suddenly engage your imagination and emotions and involve children in conversations on important topics.

The author Eugen Kluev is certain that “every life is a fairy tale if you take a closer look around you”.We will go on a journey around the world with Cardboard Heart Cutout. We will learn how White Poplar succeeds to turn into a dog and why Tiny Wave is hurrying to the shore. Air Kiss will explain how much time it needs to go from one balcony to another, while Laurel Leaf will tell the story of how he fell from victor’s wreath into a pot of soup. Writing Pencil will put all these stories down and one day these slips of paper will fly away all over the world.

2020 Best Children’s Book Illustration, ”Image of the Book” Award (Russia)
2020 Shortlist of the International Book Illustration Festival “MORS” (Russia)

  • Great choice for family reading before bed.
  • Surprising characters like Pencil that is writing stories, Snowstorm aiming to destroy everything in the world, Spoon dreaming of Barcelona, and many others.
  • Bright, eye-catching illustrations by an award-winning illustrator.
  • These fairy tales are adapted into plays.

Chapter book
Age: 6+
Pages: 112
Size: 190*245 mm
Published in 2020 by Samokat

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