Mrs. Mission

Text & illustrations by Anna Tenenbaum

A humorous and unexpected picturebook about the real life of tooth fairies - fantastic figures who replace a fallen child’s tooth with a gift. As nobody has ever seen them, Anna Tenenbaum has offered her own vision.

Tooth fairies have been around for hundreds of years. Yet, there are so many questions unanswered. How does the tooth fairy know when a child loses a tooth? What does the tooth fairy do with the collected teeth? Masterfully conceived and drawn by Anna Tenenbaum, this picturebook, invites readers to get a rare glimpse of the ordinary lives of these mysterious creatures. We follow them as they rush to work in the morning, stuck in traffic jams, all the way to the packed office. Here they are waiting in line to get their daily assignments: from nervous newbies to more experienced ones.
Tooth fairies are not mentioned directly in the book, so readers will have to guess for themselves who this character is. At first glance it’s just someone stuck in a very routine work but eventually this character makes the magic come true.

2024 Shortlisted to Apila First Print Run Award (Spain)
2024 Finalist of BCBF Illustrators Exhibition

  • A piece of childhood and imagination that many kids share in common.
  • An internationally appealing topic told from an unusual point of view.
  • A debut book by Anna Tenenbaum who studied jewellery design but found her vocation in children’s illustration.
  • Tenenbaum used to teach drawing to kids, and her pupils would always show her their gifts from the tooth fairy. However, they didn’t know how the tooth fairy looked and what she did with children’s teeth, so Tenenbaum decided to tell her own story.
  • Another Tenenbaum’s idea was to show someone’s unseen work which can be very routine and sometimes may seem even boring but in fact it turns out to be very important.
  • A new illustrator’s name for the fans of Beatrice Alemagna.

Age: 5+
Pages: 32
Size: 210*260 mm
Unpublished, work in progress.
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