How Does a Lighthouse Work?

Text & Illustrations by Roman Belyaev

Lighthouses, bridges, windmills – such constructions are rarely in focus, but this series will make things different. Seemingly trivial buildings turn out to be real objects of art and engineering masterpieces!

How does a lighthouse work? What is the purpose of a lighthouse? What does a lighthouse keeper do? What is inside a light tower? What is the lamp's power in it? How does a simple lamp give such a strong light ray?

2019 Best Information Book award at the STEAM Children’s Book
Prize (UK)
2019 Nomination for the Kate Greenaway Medal (UK)
2021 The Prix Sorcières Shortlist, Non-Fiction (France)
2021 Architecture Book for Children Award by the Architecture Academy (France)
2021 Peter Pans silverstjärna (Sweden)

English, German, French, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Italian

  • Combination of science, culture, history, and adventures.
  • Interesting facts about ancient and intriguing constructions: lighthouses, bridges, windmills.
  • It’s the quickest trip all over the world to see the best works by the best engineers and architects from different epochs and cultures.
  • Encourages interest in STEAM.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 6+
Pages: 64
Size: 220*297 mm
Published in 2017 by Samokat

Other titles in this series are HOW DO BRIDGES WORK? and HOW DOES A WINDMILL WORK?
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