Believe It or Not

Text by Oksana Kuropatkina, illustrated by Vlada Myakonkina

In the modern world people of different religious beliefs live side by side. Written by a religious studies scholar, this questionnaire book will help readers to learn more about the major religions and systems of thought, as well as to find out which thinking is closer to them.

All of us, including our friends, family, and even favorite book characters, make decisions, acting according to our inner rules and principles. People tend to think that their worldviews don’t contradict each other. But actually, we may mix different opinions and, for example, approach friendship and love as Christians, death as Hindus and freedom as secular humanists.
This book contains 28 questions about life purpose, justice, personal boundaries, self-esteem, relationships – about everything that we all so care about. Ten anonymous thinkers, representing 6 religions and 4 systems of thought, give their answers to these questions. They debate, agree, or complement one another while readers may choose which reply is closer to them.

  • Good self-knowledge tool.
  • This questionnaire will help to find out the top 3 religions and systems of thought which are close to a reader.
  • The author – a religious studies scholar – offers a pragmatic approach to belief systems by showing that different ways of thinking may cohabit in one person. It happens more often than we could imagine. Our views may also change throughout our life.
  • The second part of the book represents a guide through 6 religions and 4 systems of thought: Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism, Materialism, Hedonism, and Secular Humanism.

Non-fiction, series
Age: 10+
Pages: 112
Size: 210*150 mm
Published in 2022 by Samokat

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