The Volcano That Was Angry

Text & Illustrations by Natasha Bayduzha

Hi! I’m Little Volcano and sometimes I feel down. Keep off, then! What can make me angry? Someone laughs at me or takes my stuff without permission or asks me to calm down! But everyone gets angry from time to time, don’t they? At least I don’t destroy cities...

Sometimes an emotional outburst is inevitable, especially if we speak about a volcano, a very young one. This book does not teach how to cope with anger, control temper, or be nice and sweet. We will just keep an eye on the character and maybe will recognize ourselves or some of our loved ones. It’s not a guide to follow, it’s not a warning or advice, but the author wants to suggest taking a few steps aside to look at the anger. And everyone will come to their own conclusion ― or they won’t!

  • Look at the anger from aside and discuss this complex feeling with a child. What can make her or him angry and why?
  • It helps to develop emotional intelligence.
  • Bright original comic book-style illustrations.
  • Endpapers have volcano’s family portraits. Do you know where Annapurna is?
  • Written with the help of a psychologist

Korean, Spanish LA (Chile)

Picturebook, Comics
Age: 3+
Pages: 64
Size: 170*240 mm
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