Text & Illustrations by Tatiana Ukhova

"[A] wordless, gloriously inventive debut” from The New York Times selection “Nature and Nurture: 8 Picture Books for Earth Day

It is a hot summer day in the countryside. The world around is full of beautiful and intriguing creatures. Children are left to their own devices. A lonely girl meets a lonely grasshopper. This seemingly ordinary day will teach her a lot: small actions can have big consequences.

2018 Grand Prix winner of The Book Inside (Samokat’s contest for the best book projects)
2019-2020 Twice selected by dPICTUS curators for the 100 Outstanding Picturebooks exhibition in Frankfort and Bologna

English (Greystone Kids, Canada)

  • This is a truthful and striking story, this could happen to any child.
  • It teaches empathy, responsibility, and respect for nature, for another creature’s life.
  • It raises such themes as friendship and freedom, curiosity, and learning from mistakes.
  • The silent book intrigues children and gives lots of topics for discussions and interpretations

Ukhova plays with spatial relations and visual distortion, showing up-close and pulled-back views from multiple perspectives — the girl’s, the reader’s, the insects’.” — The New York Times Book Review.

Marvelously astute.” — Kirkus Reviews.

Any youngster who enjoys critters and nature will appreciate this book.”— Stephanie Tournas, Youth Services Book Review.

Silent book
Age: 3+
Pages: 48
Size: 210*280 mm
Published in 2020 by Samokat
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