Why Is Water Cheaper than Diamonds?

Text by Maria Boyko, illustrated by Nina Kuzmina

An Introduction to Economic Theory with Examples from Everyday Life.

How do we best explain the fundamental rules of economics to kids? By answering the questions that kids themselves ask, of course! Why is the price of strawberries higher in winter? Why are seaside vacations more expensive in summer? Why is a Big Mac more expensive in New York than in Moscow? Why does the first ice cream cone always taste better than the third one? Why can't we stop prices from rising? Is there such a thing as an unfair price?

Maria Boyko graduated from the London School of Economics and worked as a financial analyst. She taught economics at the high school and university levels. She is the author of The Basics of Economics, widely considered the best economics textbook for high school and college students.

Nina Kuzmina graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. This book is her fourth collaboration with Pink Giraffe Publishing.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 10+
Pages: 140
Size: 170*245 mm
Published in 2019 by Pink Giraffe

Another title in this series is FROM A DINOSAUR TO COMPOTE
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