Ambishwalf. A Story of One Animal

Text by Masha Rupasova, illlustrated by Olia Lisichnikova

Ambishwalf is a terrifying animal! Huge! And purple! With dots. No, it’s rather grey and small. With wings and without legs... but with four paws. I believe so... oh, I’m puzzled!

Maybe you know who Ambishwalf is? Or can you guess by turning the pages with all those bodies of animals and funny riddles? Olia Lisichnikova plays with the children’s ability to mispronounce words and to invent new ones!

2019 Winner in the Picture Book Category of the Book Inside (Samokat’s contest for the best book projects)

  • It’s a funny baby book: just the right size for little readers.
  • The game here doesn’t have right or wrong answers. It keeps the mystery until the very end.
  • It will help to learn animals and colours and to develop imagination.
  • The last page has a fun bonus for your little dreamers.

Age: 0+
Pages: 28
Size: 170*125 mm
Published in 2021 by Samokat
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