When Tiny House Went Looking for His Owner

Text & illustrations by Ekaterina Safro

Every human needs a house, and every house needs its human. A Little House embarks on a big adventure to find his owner in this uplifting story of courage and perseverance.

A Tiny House (inspired by a real house in Abkhazia!) feels lonely and sets on a journey to find his owner. At first, he ventures out to a big city: there are plenty of people but everyone is too busy to pay attention to him. He then decides to try his luck in the suburbs
filled with luxurious mansions. But beautiful mansions are not so keen on having a shabby
house as their neighbor and shoo him away. The Tiny House runs and runs until he reaches the countryside. Here, the houses look more like him, but there are no people at all… Now with a friend by his side, the Little House continues his journey. His last hope is a high and steep mountain. Will he finally meet his owner there?

  • A heartwarming picture book which shows how grit and determination help us push through challenges and try again after setbacks.
  • A perfect reminder that you’re never truly lost when you have a goal and loyal friends by your side.
  • Engaging illustrations by the award-winning illustrator (LeewiART Сatalogue of 500 Best Illustrators for China).
  • A universal message that will resonate with readers both young and old.

Age: 3+
Pages: 32
Size: 84*108 mm
Published in 2023 by 40 Books
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