Tree Leaf: The Story of Life

Text by Pavel Kvartalnov, illustrated by Natalia Alatortseva

An illustrated journey through the lifecycle of a tree leaf and its importance to the plant ecology.

People and plants have far more things in common than many of us realize. Just like us, plants look for vital resources needed for life, protect themselves from diseases and predators, from frost and bright sunlight, and communicate with each other. Following Tilly, a young linden seed leaf, and his friends, readers will learn about the life of a tree leaf throughout the seasons, and what role leaves play in shaping their environment. Both factual and beautiful, this book will fill readers with a sense of wonder at the magic of the natural world.

  • There are hardly any accessible books on plant ecology for children (and adults as well).
  • Told from an unusual perspective of a young linden seed leaf discovering the life of mature tree leaves.
  • Text by Pavel Kvartalnov, a renowned biologist, poet and author of “Journey above the Earth: Diary of a Swallow” translated into several languages.
  • Delicate illustrations by Natalia Alatortseva, Fellow Member of the Society of Botanical Artists (UK).
  • A perfect gift for nature lovers.

Non-fiction, picturebook
Age: 6+
Work in progress, unpublished
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