Cyber Security

Text by Yury Tihoglaz, illustrated by Yury Shomorohov

A smartphone is like a spy in your pocket.An experienced cyber criminologist wrote a crossover non-fiction book about protecting your data and avoiding common mistakes.

In a digital world, nothing is more valuable than a person’s information. On the one hand, smartphones and computers make our life simpler and more convenient. On the other hand, the same tools leave us vulnerable to haters and criminals, especially in the era of social networks. So, how do we identify threats and protect ourselves from them? This book provides answers to these questions.

  • A unique topic for adults and teenagers.
  • Written by an experienced cyber criminologist.
  • Learn the ABC of cyber security.
  • Common terms and security requirements will make more sense and become easier to follow: long passwords, updates, spam, etc.
  • Helps to find a balance between convenience and security in the digital world.

Age: 12+
Pages: 112
Size: 170*220 mm
Published in 2024 by Albus Corvus
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