Nurse Lugton’s Curtain

Text by Virginia Woolf, illustrated by Ivan Sergeev

Virginia Woolf’s little-known children’s story with gorgeous new illustrations

Found among the manuscript pages of Woolf’s most famous novel Mrs. Dalloway, this short story is nothing short of a masterpiece full of whimsy and magic. It has the slightest of the plots: Nurse Lugton falls asleep while sewing a drawing-room curtain, and the animals inside the pattern come alive. However, using the most ordinary domestic scene, Woolf created a world within the world that is open to those who have the imagination to see. The story is beautifully enhanced with Ivan Sergeev’s expressive and enchanting pencil illustrations. Using a distinctive colour palette with its pastel pink, grey, and green shades, the artist creates an unforgettable visual experience. Playing with contrasts and shapes he gives perfect form to Woolf’s enigmatic vision.

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2023 Finalist of BCBF Illustrators Exhibition
2023 Top 100 New Children’s Books Catalogue

  • A long-lost children’s story from one of the most famous modernist writers.
  • Awarded with a few international prizes (shortlist of NAMI Concours 2020 of South Korea, grant of Trinity College of Ireland), Ivan Sergeev considers this book to be his best illustrative work.
  • Though strictly following Virginia Woolf’s plot, Sergeev succeeded to create the second plot - a visual one with his own characters and rules to find out.
  • For those who like imagination games.
  • A perfect bedtime story.

Age: 5+
Pages: 40
Size: 230*290 mm
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