Text by Alexandra Zaytseva

A YA novel about addiction and loneliness without mentioning these words. A dystopian thriller on the edge of reality that will make readers think about the choices, friendship, inner void, self-sacrifice, support...

Three guys and one girl live on a barge outside the city. They don’t do anything special. They just live. The girl never speaks to the guys. They don’t remember their past, apart from some fragmentary memories, and they don’t know how they have found themselves here. They go to a supermarket but they don’t buy anything, they just take food and goods as there are o cashiers or security officers. In fact, there are no other people around at all. It’s a strange place, the sky is always pink and it’s always summer here. But there are dogs – many, many black dogs who are chasing these teenagers. And there is a kennel man who leads the dogs. This world has its own rules, and the teenagers should learn them. They need to find out how they ended up in this place and how to escape it, if it’s even a possibility.

  • Award-winning author.
  • An urgent and relevant thriller by the award-winning master of teen fiction.
  • The intrigue of the novel is kept till the last pages.
  • The main characters are teenagers with difficult pathways but their actions and thoughts would be understandable to any person.
  • A psychological novel about the inner void as the root cause of any addiction.
  • Raises a lot of difficult questions and gives food for thought.

Age: 14+
Pages: 160
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2022 by Samokat
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