Letters from My Farm

Text by Masha Slonim, illustrated by Tatyana Kormer

Some children like to think that when they grow up they will have ten dogs, twenty cats, a parrot, some peacocks, a horse, and goodness knows what other pets. Masha Slonim, a Russian and British journalist, made this dream come true.

Masha Slonim is a person with a unique past. She worked for BBC radio and TV, she sent Soviet samizdat for foreign publications, she was close to Joseph Brodsky and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and she is also a passionate animal lover. Before moving to the UK, Masha had a farm in a Moscow suburb. It was a place where people and animals lived side by side and got along together happily. Masha told stories about her life on the farm on the Echo of Moscow radio. Later, she turned them into a book. Masha managed to capture and show a character of each animal – be it her horse Pushkin or one of her eleven cats, Pussya. These stories are kind, funny, and real – they would be a good start for beginning readers.

  • Goats and peacocks, a horse and a parrot, cats and dogs – they all live together. It’s neither a zoo, nor a circus, but an everyday life of a successful journalist.
  • Masha shares her sincere love and an empathic attitude to animals. A person who learns to be kind to animals will never be violent.
  • Could you imagine that a parrot and a mouse could be friends? But they could – to join forces against a cat.
  • Illustrated by the co-founder and art director of Albus Corvus Tatyana Kormer.
  • Each chapter is a separate story.

Middle Grade
Age: 6+
Pages: 120
Size: 247*175 mm
Published by Albus Corvus in 2015

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