The Trans-Siberian Railway

Text by Alexandra Litvina, illustrated by Anna Desnitskaya

Let the dream of the Trans-Siberian Railway come true. 9288 km ? about 1/4 of the equator in 7 days by train! 75 local storytellers! 36 cities and towns. Award-winning authors!

Stitching the patchwork of Russia, the Trans-Siberian Railway (or just the Trans-Sib for short) is the longest railway in the world. It has been connecting people, their lives, stories, and history for more than a century. For Russia and for the whole world, it is a complex symbol: tragic, romantic and heroic at once. This book unravels the railway through stories told by local people living along the Trans-Sib, allowing readers to immerse themselves in an iconic journey through everyday experiences. In the book you will also find information about regions and stations with some tips for travelers, as well as short historical notes and advice on how to organize your life on a train during a week-long journey. Even if you are not planning to embark on a real Trans-Sib train, you will enjoy this virtual dream tour.

2020 The Book of the Year in the category “To Children of the 21st century” (Russia)
2020 Best Non-fiction Illustration, ”Image of the Book” Award (Russia)
2021 Illustrations from the Trans-Siberian are selected for the Illustrators Exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2021. Anna Desnitskaya is among 77 winners chosen from 3235 participants!

German, French, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Italian, English, Czech

Alexandra Litvina is an editor, historian, author of historical books and guide books. Alexandra was nominated for the 2021 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. She wrote The Apartment: A Century of Russian History, which won many international prizes, The Trans-Siberian Railway and Metro on the ground and underground (co-authored with Anna Desnitskaya). Alexandra is a collector. She participates in many performances dedicated to the history of costume and daily life.

Anna Desnitskaya is one of the most famous modern Russian illustrators in her own country and in the world. She was awarded prestigious Russian and international prizes for her books. She is a winner of the Golden Apple at Biennial of Illustration in Bratislava and the Russian Book Illustration Contest “Image of the Book”. In 2019 Anna was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

  • Figures, historical and geographical facts are complemented by stories of the real people living along the Trans-Siberian.
  • What is it like to spend a week on a Russian train going from Moscow, at the border of Europe, to Vladivostok, at the border of China?
  • Gorgeous illustrations by one of the most famous contemporary Russian illustrators – Anna Desnitskaya.
  • Cross-generational family reading which will be a great gift.
  • Russian phrase book with some popular words and questions

Age: 10+
Pages: 76
Size:  265*340 mm
Published in 2020 by Samokat

Another title by the same authors is THE APARTMENT: A CENTURY OF RUSSIAN HISTORY
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