Fedya the Piglet Starts his First Business

Text & illustrations by Natalia Perevesentseva

The ABCs of business for children is told through an engaging story of a little piglet. Even if running a business isn’t something a child is interested in, it’s still a useful and simple way to learn how it works as well as to practice counting and planning.

Hurray, it’s time for a forest fair, and Fedya the Piglet tricks his mom to send him to the fair to buy some honey but he has to bring the change back. Instead, he spends all the money on sweets. Fedya is frustrated but then he starts looking for ways to earn money. He
comes up with his first business idea and is going to give it a try. Luckily, Fedya meets a reliable partner – the Cow – who teaches him basic business rules and how to be a responsible entrepreneur. Their enterprise becomes quite a success at the fair.

2020 Winner in the Non-Fiction Category of The Book Inside (Samokat’s contest for the best book projects)

  • Learning business terms through an engaging story.
  • Helps to practice counting and planning as well as to develop structured thinking and creativity.
  • By answering the questions and completing the tasks, readers will learn what it feels like to be a real entrepreneur.
  • A good book for early readers.
  • Funny characters and amusing illustrations.

Simplified Chinese, Korean

Early reader book, Picturebook
Age: 6+
Pages: 56
Size: 185*230 mm
Published by Samokat in 2022
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