History of the Bicycle. Fast Foot

Text by Vladimir Fomin, illustrated by Victoria Popova

This picture book is a real piece of art and it’s about another piece of art – a bicycle, about its history, mechanisms, and its impact on society. Although the bicycle is a common lifestyle object nowadays, its simplicity is deceiving. A great book to read and enjoy the beautiful illustrations.

It is hardly possible to find a person who doesn`t ride a bicycle. It may be a hobby, it may be a means of transport, or it may be something you do for work. People make records and travel around the globe on bicycles. In some countries, there are more bikes
than people. At the same time, it’s quite a recent invention, and for all 200 years since its creation latest technical inventions have been incorporated into its design. There are so many people who contributed to the development of the bicycle. There are billions
of people who enjoy riding bikes and there are some fans like the author of this book who admire bicycles and want to share their passion and knowledge.

2023 Finalist of BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition (Hot News! Winners to be announced on 17th June 2023) 
2022 Best of the Best and Book Gold Medal of iJungle Illustration Awards

  • History of invention, development, and the impact of a bicycle.
  • Bicycles really deserve admiration.
  • Written by an inventor, a passionate fan of bicycles.
  • Practical knowledge and fascinating illustrations.
  • A new title illustrated by Victoria Popova, shortlisted for dPICTUS Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 2020 and 2022 and finalist of BCBF Illustrators Exhibition 2022.

Victoria Popova started her career as a set designer, but at some point, she realized that what she loves the most about this work is drawing and imagining new spaces. So she began to work as an illustrator and finally found her calling. The experience of working in a theatre helped a lot: she approaches her tasks in illustration a bit like a set designer. She works with depth and volume in her art as if the space of the sheet were a stage. Victoria illustrates books, works a lot on covers, and designs her picture books. She likes to work with both solid colors, as well as ink-on-paper art.

Simplified Chinese

Age: 6+
Pages: 32
Size: 300*258 mm
Work in progress, to be published by Albus Corvus in 2023.

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