Bird Cherry Pie

Text by Maria Shelukhina

A compelling story about the fragile world of coming-of-age. When you look at your old friends with new eyes. When you feel powerful enough to confront tyrannical relatives. When all of your senses are so elevated, yet you are boldly looking in the face of danger. And then some events happen which will split your life into “before” and “after”.

Dasha is fourteen and it’s going to be another summer spent with her father’s parents in a small town. She hasn’t seen her friends for a year and they are waiting for her. All is good. She has been missing all this – people, places, nature, smells – and she is really happy. However, Dasha’s days spent around her grandma are far from being idyllic as she is an autocratic, strict, and manipulating old woman. Actually, Dasha is used to her, but this summer is different. This is the summer when Dasha falls in love for the first time, but her suspicious grandma interferes in her life. Some fatal events turn out to be too stressful for Dasha and aggravate the emotional scars caused by her family. As the novel progresses, Dasha is now a young woman and she comes back to the town of her childhood to revisit those memories, to understand what has happened that year, to meet her first love and to overcome her childhood fears and traumas.

2021 Winner of Albus Corvus Publishing House literary contest

  • A debut YA novel which won the primary publisher’s contest.
  • A suspense story about summer adventures, first love, generations clash, and childhood traumas.
  • The mystery that keeps readers on the edge till the very end.
  • Will make readers reevaluate their own family relationship and what is meant by love.
  • A vivid and colorful language.

Age: 14+
Pages: 232
Size: 216*148 mm
Published in 2022 by Albus Corvus
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