What is a Triangle

Illustrated by Anastasia Ten

It’s never too early to start looking for your own identity and it’s never too late to experiment. Little Red Triangle will take the littlest book lovers along on his journey.

The world is big and so diverse. It’s possible to find not just one right place for yourself, but many different right places at different times. If you are Little Red Triangle, you may be a spot on a jaguar’s coat, or a hat, or a flashlight, or a penguin’s beak. Wherever you go, the most important thing is to always be yourself. Even if you are Little Red Triangle.

  • Unique silent book about finding your identity.
  • Fun experiments to encourage imagination.
  • A story featuring different animals, shapes, and things. to help the littlest readers discover the world around them.
  • A story with three endings.
  • Soft colour palette.

Silent book
Age: 0+
Pages: 40
Size: 200*200 mm
Published by Samokat in 2022
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