Tim and Diggy

Text by Irina Leek, illustrated by Luke Scriven

It’s a story of friendship between a kind and timid boy, Tim, and a grumbling porcupine named Diggy. It will amuse children and let the parents see the world through the eyes of children.

Have you ever taken a zoo animal home? Okay, not an animal but a toy. Okay, not a toy but a talking porcupine! Even ordinary things like staying home alone or going to a beauty salon with mom will bring true adventures and wonders if your best friend is a porcupine. Dad, mom, grandma, and grandpa are not so happy about Diggy’s appearance at home and Mom uses any chance to put him in the washing machine for cleaning. But thanks to this restless and wise porcupine, all of them become a little bit wiser and learn to better understand each other. The life of Tim and his family will never be the same.

  • Short chapters and large fonts are good for beginning readers.
  • Everyday situations spiced with a little bit of magic and humor.
  • Lots of small adventures and different emotions which make up the world of every child.
  • Funny and cozy illustrations.
  • The sequel “Tim and Diggy on Vacation” tells more stories of the two friends, full of wonders and adventure.

Early reader book, Series
Age: 6+
Pages: 184
Size: 170*235 mm
“Tim and Diggy” published in 2019 by Polyandria Print
“Tim and Diggy” on Vacation published in 2021 by Polyandria Print
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