Tim`s Adventures in the World of Bacteria

Text & Illustrations by Maria Kosovskaya, Dmitry Alekseev, Yulia Berezhnaya, Alla Tyakht

Modern comics-style non-fiction series about different processes and systems of the human body and much more. A writer, an illustrator, and a few scientists joined forces to talk to children about science in a simple and engaging way.

How did bacteria come to Earth? Why do we have a sore throat after getting our feet wet? What do bacteria and Sleeping Beauty have in common? How could large dinosaurs originate from tiny bacteria? Why is it important to breeze through your nose, not your mouth?

The third title – explaining how the brain works – will follow in 2023.

  • First title in the Tim’s Adventures in the World of Science Series
  • Engaging books that give an understanding of different body processes and help to develop healthy habits.
  • Both children and adults will learn many interesting scientific facts.
  • Packed with useful information presented in an accessible illustrative way with great examples and comparisons.
  • The teamwork that has been put into this series represents an ideal balance: light and structured narration with funny jokes, amusing and descriptive illustrations, and proven scientific facts.

Simplified Chinese, Czech, Ukrainian

Comics, Non-fiction, Series
Age: 7+
Pages: 96
Size: 221*258 mm
Published in 2018 by Clever

Another title in this series is TIM`S ADVENTURES ON THE TRAIL OF A LOST APPETITE
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