Let’s go to Unalaska

Text by Anna Krasilshchik, illustrated by Kasya Denisevich

The new generation of children, they are on the Internet like a fish in water, and their day-to-day is followed online. A nine-year-old Mark from Moscow is one of them. This is his story of searching for his Russian roots, which he’ll find in the Netherlands!

For Mark this year is full of new impressions, questions and challenges. This year he started school. His classmates have already attended school for two years, while Mark studied at home. His parents are divorced, and his mother has a new boyfriend – a very unpleasant guy. Rat Tooth, as Mark calls him. Mark finds a new hobby at school, it’s film photography! Still, some old thoughts keep lingering in his mind. He dreams of Unalaska. “The train to …un..alas..ka departs from the second platform.” That’s what he hears every evening lying in his bed. Mark and his mother live near a big railway station. He also dreams about a grandfather who never existed according to his grandmother. But even Mark knows that it can’t be! He starts his investigation.

“At last, this is the first modern book for children of the 21st century in Russia” – Lyudmila Ulitskaya, internationally acclaimed modern Russian writer.

2021 Shortlisted for the Korney Chukovsky Literary Award in the category Best Middle Grade Book

  • Bestselling title for which Anna Krasilshchik was awarded the Gummy Heart Prize as the Writer of the Year by one of the leading Russian indie bookstores Podpisnie Izdaniya in Saint Petersburg
  • Both parents and children will enjoy this funny, cozy, easy-to-read chapter book with elements of a detective story.
  • It’s good for reading out loud in the family circle and reading for yourself.
  • Here is the 21st century – with the Internet, travels, divorced parents, and liberated children.
  • Everyone will feel much empathy for this charming, independent-minded main character.
  • It’s a story of a modern family highlighting that secrets and situations of the past that have not been discussed can spoil relations!


Middle Grade, Series
Age: 8+
Pages: 162
Size: 218*156 mm
Published by Albus Corvus in 2020
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