Text & Illustrations by Victoria Spiryagina

If it’s time to go to bed, then count sheep, laugh a lot and sleep well. Reading this story of the battle between the wolves and the sheep, with its unique animated film art style, will help!

The first sheep jumped over the fence, the second sheep jumped over the fence, it’s high time to get sleepy and doze off... but here comes a wolf to eat the sheep! Oh, the sheep succeeds to run away. The wolf is chasing it. The army of sheep appears to save their fellow. The wolf shouts for help! Wolves with swords meet the army of sheep. Am I dreaming already?

2020 Winner in the Picture Book Category of the Book Inside (Samokat’s contest for the best book project)

  • Being an animation artist, the author turned her debut picture book into a really fun action film.
  • Unexpected plot development of the ancient conflict between the wolves and the sheep first used by Aesop.
  • A good laugh has great effects. Try using humor to help a child overcome their fears.
  • Reading this book can be a nice bedtime ritual.

Age: 3+
Pages: 48
Size: 210*270 mm
Published in 2021 by Samokat
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