From Dinosaurs to Compote

Text by a group of scientists, compiled by Tata Zarubina, illustrated by Nina Kuzmina

Scientists Answer a Hundred (and Eight) Questions about Everything.

The book is a collaboration between the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow, founded in 1872, and one of the oldest science museums in the world, and Pink Giraffe Publishing. Museum staff collected an archive of questions, most commonly asked by children of all ages. These questions became the basis for this unusual book. Why is the Earth round? What is thunder? Where does Santa live? Why can't time stop? Why do grown-ups love kids? Why is television called a “TV” and not a “box of moving pictures”? This book is a chorus combining the voices of adults, the presence of Russian science, and the voices of children, who are the future.

  • The world is full of surprises, and it’s exciting to learn about them.
  • This book can help to find out a child’s area of interest.
  • Short texts can be read in any order.
  • 45 scientists contributed to this book. Each question is answered by a professional of the field.
  • The sign of science quality is the support by one of the oldest world science museums, the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow.

Nina Kuzmina graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She works as an illustrator, an artist, and an engraver. Her work can be found in private collections in Europe and the U.S. She lives in Moscow, Russia and Yorkshire, UK.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 7+
Pages: 192
Size: 170*245 mm
Published in 2017 by Pink Giraffe

Another title in this series is WHY IS WATER CHEAPER THAN DIAMONDS?

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