Anya Here and There

Text by Maria Danilova, illustrated by Anna Podlipentseva

It is believed that children can adapt quite quickly to life in a new country. But what is it like for them? Let’s hear from little Anya who is moving with her parents from Moscow to New York not knowing a word of English…

Little Anya’s world is very cozy – with her loving family and best friend Andrei. She happily spends summertime at her grandparents’ place in a village, picking blueberries and swimming in a warm lake. In Moscow, her city grandparents take her to museums
and give her many gifts. One day it all disappears. Anya is going to New York – it’s not a trip, it’s a move. Now Anya’s parents are studying at Columbia University
and she herself is going to an American school. Just yesterday she couldn’t say a word in English! People around seem like aliens who can’t even pronounce
her name the right way. Life is not the same anymore and Anya has to adjust to this new life and find herself in this new place with new people.

2020 Shortlisted for Krapivin International Children’s Literary Award
2021 Children’s books top list of the Moscow Non/Fiction Book Fair
2022 Longlisted for Samuil Marshak Literary Award
2022 Finalist of the BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition
2022 Gummy Heart Prize as the Author of the Year for by one of the leading Russian indie bookstores Podpisnie Izdaniya in Saint Petersburg

  • Moving is a big part of modern life all over the world nowadays.
  • A story about adaptation to new circumstances told in first person: another country, another school, another language.
  • Personal boundaries, family support and cultural differences.
  • Any changes are a challenge which may be difficult both for adults and children.
  • Very personal and touching text which is so easy to fall into.

Middle Grade
Age: 7+
Pages: 280
Size: 210*145 mm
Published in 2021 by Pink Giraffe
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