What Does an Architect Do? From a City to a Door Handle

Text & illustrations by Elina Logacheva

Architecture is all around us, from a bench to a whole city. But who are architects and how do they create these objects?

This illustrated non-fiction book contains a plethora of information about this profession.
Architecture is not just houses or buildings. It’s also interior design and the urban landscape. According to the Ancient Roman architect Vitruvius, all architecture should meet the three criteria of stability, utility, and beauty. This book describes how architects strike this balance while performing their difficult task or, actually, numerous tasks, to create a piece of architecture that so many people will use. A minor spoiler – not only architects are involved in this process. We delve into the history and come to know today’s world better.

  • Detailed examination of architecture as a profession.
  • Provides an insight for children not only into the professional life of architect but into working life in general.
  • A guide to any creative occupation – when creating depends on many factors.
  • Written by an architect and edited by an architectural historian.
  • Provides a perspective on team work and social networking.
  • Presents famous architects and significant pieces of architecture.
  • The first book in a series about different careers.

Age: 7+
Pages: 72
Size: 230*300 mm
Published in 2024 by Alpina Kids
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