Darling Little Girl

Text by Evgenia Rusinova, illustrated by Ekaterina Putilina

A story of friendship between a little girl and a giant panda, a story filled with an inner light that will pave the way for you and others. For many years Polyandria Print has been looking for a panda story across book fairs and foreign rights catalogues all over the world and has been surprised to find “their” panda (the real one!) in the work by a writer from Saint Petersburg.

Little Aimi feels lonely as her best friend is spending time with a new classmate during their
visit to the Ueno Zoo, the oldest one in Japan. First, Aimi’s class is going to visit Ling Ling – the famous giant panda, a favorite of children and adults alike. But Ling Ling is in low spirits today and the children run away to look at the monkeys instead. Aimi stays with Ling Ling and the two lonely souls share their secret thoughts with each other. And then… they go on a journey to make their dreams come true.

  • Ling Ling, the main character of this story, was a real giant panda. He was a star of the Tokyo Zoo and a symbol of friendship between China and Japan.
  • Story of friendship and loneliness, dreams and fantasies, borders and freedom.
  • A fantastic journey over Japan.
  • Curious facts about giant pandas.

Age: 5+
Pages: 48
Size: 251*253 mm
Published by Polyandria in 2022
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