The Hunting of the Basilisk

Text by Evgenia Pasternak & Andrei Zhvalevskiy

“No one would care until a teenager dies”– this phrase repeated by three different people – a doctor, a teacher, and a narcologist – gave birth to this book. The authors decided to sacrifice the life of one fictional teenager to potentially save many real ones.

A high-school student Diana dies after smoking a spice called Basilisk. Her four classmates are hospitalized with severe poisoning. The police start an investigation. Diana’s best friend Ksyusha can’t understand who or what could have possibly made a goody-two-shoes Diana smoke. The police officer doesn’t seem to look deeply into teenagers’ relations and easily assigns blame to different people one by one. Ksyusha decides to help the investigation and she is surprised to find out how many people around her are not who she thinks they are. Spice can be easily bought in their class, and nobody does anything about it. Ksyusha’s boyfriend has cheated on her and Diana herself had kept many secrets from Ksyusha... The basilisk she is fighting with seems to be immortal. And there are more and more basilisks around...


  • A longstanding bestseller by the acknowledged literary duo from Belarus writing for teenagers which hasn’t been widely presented to the foreign market.
  • A breathtaking detective story about school, drug addiction, friendship, family, and trust.
  • “I can stop whenever I want to...”
  • A surprise ending.
  • A book both for teenagers and their parents.

Age: 12+
Pages: 192
Size: 200*130 mm
Published in 2014 by Vremya

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