Walrus Like Any Other, Nothing Special

Text by Olga Dergacheva, illustrated by Dasha Dimitrova

The Beast Therapy series focuses on the exploration of human feelings through animal stories. You’ll meet a walrus with a vulnerable personality, a blusterous tiger, and a foul-mouthed boar. Every reader can relate to these stories and interpret them in their own way.

The walrus has many polar friends – bears, owls, reindeer, and whales, but he is worried that he is not good enough for them, being not as strong, fast, or sharp-sighted. He is afraid that they could get bored with him. Everything changes when he saves his friend’s life. Finally, the walrus realizes that it’s great that he is so different from his friends and that actually there are many extraordinary things about walruses.

  • This series lets readers look at different emotions, behaviors, and situations from the outside.
  • Good combination of fiction stories and non-fiction facts about animals.
  • Occasion to touch upon psychological problems that any child (and any adult) might face and to learn more about ourselves and other people around.
  • Important subjects to speak about such as healthy relationships with friends and mutual aid.
  • Fascinating illustrations by Dasha Dimitrova showing wild nature from the polar landscapes to the jungle.
  • Every book in the series end with non-fiction spreads about the featured animals.

French, Simplified Chinese

Picturebook, Series
Age:  3+
Pages: 40
Size: 210*280 mm
Published in 2021 by Samokat

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