Andrei Sakharov. A Man Without Fear

Text by Ksenia Novokhatko, illustrated by Evgenia Roysman, Olga Terekhova, Polya Plavinskaya

Could you imagine that the European prize for freedom of thought may be named after a Soviet scientist? What’s more, this scientist created one of the first hydrogen bombs in the world. His name is Andrei Sakharov.

A shy boy, designer of the first Soviet hydrogen bomb, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, exiled human rights activist – this is one and the same person, Andrei Sakharov. His life deserves a blockbuster, intertwining big science and world politics, triumph and harassment, love and slander, fighting for the fate of humanity and justice for everyone. Since this movie or even a Netflix series had not been directed yet, historians, artists, writers, archivists, editors, and museum curators gathered to tell the story of this unique person through a graphic novel. Its layout and colour solutions highlight the complexity of the main character’s personality and fate as well as the historical background of the Soviet Union and also the whole world.

Andrei Sakharov dared to make his own choices, to go against the system and to speak openly for freedom again and again in the country which didn’t allow nonconformity.

  • It’s the first biography of Andrei Sakharov appropriate for all ages.
  • The main character is a true modern-day hero.
  • The graphic concept is strengthened by the voice of Andrei Sakharov himself as the book is based on his diaries.
  • Though Andrei Sakharov lived and worked in the USSR, his researches and authority echoed in other leading countries. You will learn many interesting facts about history and science.
  • This is a story of the fight for human rights in a totalitarian state.

Italian, German

Graphic Novel
Age: 10+
Pages: 56
Size: 245*340 mm
Published by Samokat in 2021
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