How Does a Windmill Work?

Text & illustrations by Roman Belyaev

A long-awaited new title in the best-selling non-fiction series – How Does it Work? – about windmills. Seemingly trivial buildings turn out to be real objects of art and engineering masterpieces!

Roman Belyaev collected many wonderful facts and created stylish illustrations to invite readers of all ages to take a unique tour around the world and through time. The focus of his new title is windmills. These constructions have changed the history of civilizations by increasing productivity by more than ten times. Belyaev tells about different types of
windmills, their origin, as well as different types of power converted into energy, about the present and future of energetics, and even about art! Exciting information is presented in a simple and visually engaging way.

French, Simplified Chinese

  • Combination of science, culture, history, and adventures.
  • Interesting facts about ancient and intriguing constructions: lighthouses, bridges, windmills.
  • The quickest trip all over the world to see the best works created by the best engineers and architects from different epochs and cultures.
  • Encourages children’s interest in STEAM.

Non-fiction, Series
Age: 6+
Pages: 48
Size: 220*297 mm
Published by Samokat in 2022

Other titles in this series are HOW DOES A LIGHTHOUSE WORK? and HOW DO BRIDGES WORK?
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