Virus the Villain

Text & Illustrations by Varya Iashchenko

Two years ago a virus came to threaten the whole planet. This is not just another non-fiction book about it. It’s a fictional visual story featuring the virus as a bandit.

The first notes and sketches for this story appeared during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Varvara Iashchenko, an artist and a researcher of marine invertebrates, wanted to explain the nature of viruses to as many people as possible, to make viruses less scary and more interesting. She uploaded free versions of the book in Russian, English, Norwegian, and Spanish to the Internet, and without any promotion, they became very popular. She has received much positive feedback and appreciation. Now access to the book is closed and we are looking for international publishers to share knowledge about viruses as well as Varvara’s wonderful artwork and sense of humor.

  • The classic plot of the battle between good and evil with viruses as the main character – who will win?
  • A funny fiction story helping to better understand what a virus is and how to fight it.
  • Written and illustrated by a real biologist specialized in marine invertebrates and single-celled organisms.
  • Extremely positive feedback from the first Internet readers (now access is closed).
  • Sample translations in English, Norwegian, and Spanish.

Non-fiction, Picturebook
Age: 4+
Pages: 40

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