Town of Words

Text & Illustrations by Natasha Yugai

An exciting picture word book for language learners and beginner readers, full of busy, colourful scenes with lots to spot and talk about

Welcome to the Town of Words! A magic town filled with numerous animals, subjects, and characters who live all together, while the rules are created by the readers themselves. Children (and their parents) are invited to take a tour around the magic locations to identify and learn more than 500 words, learn how to use various parts of speech, memorise the names of body parts and colours, and even do some yoga exercises!
The book is full of look-and-find games, matching games, mazes, and other fun activities through which a child not only learns letters and words, but also explores the world around, trains focus, concentration, and logic skills, as well as develops imagination. The captivating colours and design are sure to appeal to children and parents alike.
Combining aesthetic qualities and pedagogical dimensions, Town of Words is a perfect picture word book that delivers a rounded early learning reading experience.

  • A fun and entertaining way to build basic vocabulary and observational skills.
  • Each section is dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet.
  • Both informative and super-stylish.
  • Features gorgeous artwork by Natasha Yugai, finalist of BCBF Illustrators Exhibition 2023 and the dPICTUS Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 2021.

Age: 3+
Pages: 88
Size: 205*260 mm

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