Play with Mimi

Text & Illustrations by Anna Permyakova

A picture book about the relationship between siblings – a little girl Mimi who wants to play and her elder brother Dodo who is always glued to the computer.

We don’t get to choose siblings, but we spend most of our childhoods together. You may be of different ages, of different sex, and have different characters, different tastes, and desires. You may argue and fight all the time! But despite everything, you may also bring so much fun, care, and love to each other. This preciousness is the message of this picture book. Little Mimi wants to play and is trying to get her brother’s attention but he is very busy at his computer. She keeps waiting and waiting. Until she finally loses her temper, and then her brother Dodo loses his temper, too. So, what now? Will Dodo end up playing with Mimi?

  • A moving and relatable story of a day in the life of a little sister and her big brother.
  • Readers who have siblings may easily recognize themselves in these characters and gain a new perspective on their relationship.
  • A funny and simple story – perfect for early readers – both to read and to interpret through illustrations.
  • Helps to develop imagination, sense of humor and understand family relations.

Age: 4+
Pages: 40
Size: 170*240 mm
Published in 2022 by Samokat
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