Text by Daria Dotsuk

How do you find the strength to fight your fears? The fear of death. This fictional story is based on real events. Sasha is sixteen. Six months earlier she survived a terror attack on the subway. She was hardly injured, life has to go on, but Sasha suffers from panic attacks. She catches her mother’s and classmates’ glances full of sorrow, while her farther doesn't believe in her illness. Sasha escapes to her grandmother in Kaliningrad. She will join a reading club there. By discussing the classic stories about death, plunging the history of Kaliningrad, which used to be part of Germany before WWII, and finding new friends, she will learn to speak about her fears, listen to her desires, and hear her own voice.


Age: 12+
Pages: 192
Size: 200*140 mm
Published in 2017 by Samokat
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