Advent Calendars Collection

Illustrated by Anna Desnitskaya, Kasya Denisevich, Victoria Stebleva, Olesya Shukina

A highly popular collection of advent calendars with stickers to count down days until the New Year and Chirstmas designed by the famous illustrators, including award-winning Anna Desnitskaya and Kasya Denisevich.

One calendar – one imaginary world to be inhabited with different funny stuff or fantastic
creatures. One sticker per day to place on a beautiful picture and every child will create their own unique image.

  • One of the most famous brands of advent calendars in Russia.
  • 10 000 copies sold since 2015 by a small local brand – pioneering advent calendars in the country.
  • A collection of seven New Year calendars and two birthday calendars by different illustrators available for selling rights.
  • Both children and adults adore these calendars.

Age: 3+
Pages: 3
Size: 297*420 mm
Published by Para Mam, 2018-2022
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