Text by Eva Nemesh

Finally! YouTube vlogs triumph over books! Or the other way around? Or...The modern reality in two short YA novels –“Subtitles” and “Don’t Check Spelling” – with unusual plots and narrative forms by the winner of the main Russian award for children’s and teen fiction.

A popular YouTube vlogger is interviewing Lera Ferum– a winner of a TV dance show and a famous vlogger with a cyber prosthetic arm. It turns out that her current success wouldn’t have been possible without a terrible bus accident and subsequent bullying caused by Lera’s injuries. The book continues as a journalistic investigation of these events and how dramatically they changed several lives.

Sasha has dyslexia, he also has an unfriendly elder brother Tars and loving parents who disappeared on the 1st of January. Tars, who has just turned 18, decides to send the 9-year-old Sasha to their grandfather while Tars himself will be searching for their parents. In the course of three days on a train with total strangers Sasha will expose a fraud–thanks to his dyslexia – and it will help to bring his parents back.

2020 The novel “Subtitles” won the 2nd prize in “Kniguru”– an annual Russian award for the best teen fiction
2021 The novel “Don’t Check Spelling” is shortlisted for “Kniguru”

  • Gripping narrative and suspenseful writing.
  • Detective stories taking place in small towns in Russia.
  • Lively writing style and sensitive topics that even non-reader teens and young adults will relate to.
  • Bullying, dyslexia, video blogs, online popularity,non-indifference, – modern society familiar to every reader.
  • Unusual plots and narrative forms to describe situations that can actually happen to anyone.

Age: 14+
Pages: 256
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2021 by Samokat

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