Dad is Going to the Sea

Text by Valya Philipenko, illustrated by Lera Elunina

The long-awaited continuation to the chapterbook “Dad is Looking for a Job” by Valya Philippenko - the rising star of modern fairy tales, film rights for two works by her are sold.

When your dad is a composer, there’s no way to escape his piano, even during a family vacation. Instead of enjoying the sun and the sea, he continues working relentlessly. But in doing so he manages to achieve so much: compose a lullaby for a yeti baby, make the hotel guests fall asleep, find a perfect music formula, participate in an underwater marathon, perform on the liner, and save the city from a horrendous storm, of course, with the power of music.
Written with warmth and humour, this lyrical and inspiring story is full of music and magic. Every chapter turns into a new, unexpected adventure with lots of plot twists, surprises, and unique characters. Not to mention all the vacation drama that is so familiar to many children and their families.

  • A perfect summer read that will transport you straight to the sea.
  • A humorous story about family vacation that is relatable to many readers and bound to evoke a warm feeling of nostalgia.
  • Dynamic characters who will not let you get bored.
  • Reads as a standalone book.
  • Delicate and atmospheric illustrations by Lera Elunina.
  • Elunina’s illustrations to the first title in this series “Dad is Looking for a Job” won the Third Prize of Original Illustration Exhibition of Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award (China) in 2022.

Chapter book
Age: 7+
Pages: 176
Size: 170*240 mm
Published by Samokat in 2023.

The first title in the series DAD IS LOOKING FOR A JOB.
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