Here live unexplored books

Welcome to Genya aGency – here live unexplored books.

Genya aGency is a literary agency aiming to help authors, illustrators, and publishers from Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia, writing and publishing mainly in Russian but also in other languages, to find their foreign editors and partners.

New vibrant voices – and brushes! – appear every year in literature for children, teens, young adults, and adults in this vast and culturally diverse region. Still, they hardly reach foreign readers and publishers. Genya aGency's goal is to open this underrepresented contemporary book market to the world: picture books, non-fiction, illustrated stories, YA, and fiction. The catalogue includes award-winning best sellers as well as new titles of the year – unique, exciting, resonant, of high literary and artistic quality.

Originally established as a children's book agency, nowadays Genya aGency's is also promoting carefully selected contemporary adult fiction. It represents a new generation of writers who explore and reflect on the challenges of the past, present, and future.

The agency was founded in 2020 by Evgeniya Ekadomova – an experienced book professional who worked at big and small presses in Moscow, such as the well-established Azbooka-Atticus and the high-spirited Samokat, triply shortlisted for the BOP – Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publishers of the Year.

"I’ve set up Genya aGency to build new cultural bridges, to foster the exchange of humanist ideas, to contribute to education, and to encourage critical thinking. It's much more difficult to create than to destroy. Working with those who create, I want to help people of different nations learn about other cultures and perspectives, listen to and respect each other. I believe that empathy and respect are the building blocks of understanding and that's what I’m striving for." – Evgeniya Ekadomova, 2022.
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