Text by Dmitry Mazhorov, illustrated by Olesya Gonserovskaya

Gold. One metal but so many aspects to talk about. Modern gold miners producers open the doors to their industry. Beware of a gold rush!

What is gold and how to mine it? Why is gold considered so valuable? What are its characteristics? How is it connected to the royal water?
A journalism department’s alumnus, who has been working for more than 10 years in the company producing gold and silver, answers these and many other questions. Gold production is a big world where people of very different professions solve many
interesting tasks every day to turn some grey stone into a shining bar of gold. Let’s dive together into history, stories, modern technologies, science, and art.

  • A unique topic that will be attractive both to experienced and reluctant readers.
  • Trusted information from a gold industry specialist.
  • Readers will be surprised to find out how many life aspects are affected by gold – from chemistry to literature. Underground towns and high-tech laboratories are waiting for readers of this book.
  • Includes several experiment-based games.
  • Exceptional illustrations by Olesya Gonserovskaya, winner of the Silver Medal of iJungle Illustration Awards (2022) and finalist of  BCBF Illustrators Exhibition (2023)

Simplified Chinese

Age: 6+
Pages: 56
Size: 253*346 mm
Published in 2022 by Polyandria Print

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