Dogs’ Secrets. How to Understand a Dog and Become its Friend.

Text by Sasha Rausch, illustrated by Polina Polevaia

Two guides written by a zoopsychologist into the world of our pets: cats and dogs. Even “experienced users” will discover new and useful information.

Sasha Rausсh is a dog and cat expert who helps humans understand their four-legged friends. In her books, she shares vital knowledge for those who already have a pet or plan to get one. Cat and dog behavior becomes clear with these facts about their physical and psychological characteristics.

Dogs’ Secrets
Who are dogs descended from and how does this influence their behavior today? How do you make walks safe and interesting? Why do dogs behave “badly” and how do you avoid it? What are the modern methods for training a dog? What is Google for dogs?

  • Helps to understand if one is ready to take care of a cat of dog.
  • Helps to explain cat and dog behavior and to overcome certain fears.
  • Amazing facts about the life of cats and dogs.
  • All advice and recommendations are either backed up by scientific research or shared by the majority of opinion leaders in this field (PDTE — Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, Innlandet Hundesenter, Turid Rugaas, Lisbeth Borg De Waard, Christine Hausc- hild, Pam Johnson, and others).

Age: 7+
Pages: 64
Size: 200*260 mm
Published in 2024 by Alpina Kids
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