Cats’ Secrets. How to Understand a Cat and Become its Friend.

Text by Sasha Rausch, illustrated by Polina Polevaia

Two guides written by a zoopsychologist into the world of our pets: cats and dogs. Even “experienced users” will discover new and useful information.

Sasha Rausсh is a dog and cat expert who helps humans understand their four-legged friends. In her books, she shares vital knowledge for those who already have a pet or plan to get one. Cat and dog behavior becomes clear with these facts about their physical and psychological characteristics.

Cats’ Secrets
What do a cat’s body signals mean? Why do cats like hiding in boxes? Do cats seek revenge? Why is it bad to use a laser pointer when playing with a cat? What is the oldest cat breed?

  • Helps to understand if one is ready to take care of a cat of dog.
  • Helps to explain cat and dog behavior and to overcome certain fears.
  • Amazing facts about the life of cats and dogs.
  • All advice and recommendations are either backed up by scientific research or shared by the majority of opinion leaders in this field (PDTE — Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, Innlandet Hundesenter, Turid Rugaas, Lisbeth Borg De Waard, Christine Hausc- hild, Pam Johnson, and others).

Age: 7+
Pages: 56
Size: 200*260 mm
Published in 2023 by Alpina Kids
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