The Garbage Monster

Text & Illustrations by Natasha Yugai

The spotlight is on... garbage! Let’s tell a fairytale to children before such monsters as waste management, sustainable development, responsible consumption and production pop up in their life.

A girl goes for a walk in the forest. There is a lot of trash there! The plants and animals are suffering and accusing the garbage monster of ruining the Earth and the air. What a surprise it is to learn that the monster is actually trying to save the forest by making his body from all the things people have thrown away! The girl and the monster decide to tell everyone what they can do with their unwanted stuff. Thanks to the lotto game that comes with this book, sorting waste can become an entertaining activity.


  • While many countries have different systems of waste management, this fiction story about the Garbage Monster raises general questions and helps to talk about trash with little children.
  • Why are we littering?
  • How does trash impact nature?
  • How can we litter less?
  • What can be done with the existing trash?

Age: 5+
Pages: 64
Size: 130*185 mm
Published in 2019 by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
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