Fly Instead! Project No. 19

Text by Asya Kravchenko, illustrated by Varya Yakovleva

Dreamers and inventors will save the world! This story is about them, their friends and their parents.

The main character of this book, 11-year-old Mitya, is very enterprising. He is going to become an inventor and make a machine that makes people happy! His project number 19 – a flying machine for his disabled friend – is almost finalized. Meanwhile, his father has just been fired, and his parents are on the brink of divorce. What can one do in this situation? First of all, earn money to finance his inventions and then escape with a new friend named Shusha and her dog. This is a very optimistic story about those who never surrender and never give up trying and looking for solutions, those who are ready to come to aid, and children and adults who can be true friends to each other.

2020 Winner of the Korney Chukovsky Award for Best Middle Grade Book
2020 Best Children’s Book Illustration,” Image of the Book” Award (Russia)
2021Selected for “The White Ravens” catalogue

  • A touching, funny, and a little bit fantastic story about dreamers.
  • Realistic characters – doubting, naughty, brave, reckless, adventurous.
  • Nothing is impossible when you are 11 years old and you believe in yourself.
  • The author has a great sense of humor both tender and sharp.
  • A simple and wonderful idea: children and adults should be friends.

Middle Grade
Age: 10+
Pages: 128
Size: 140*200 mm
Published in 2020 by Samokat
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